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The Island Of Enchantment The beautiful island of Puerto Rico is anything but small and boring, with its big sandy beaches, partying Puerto Ricans, and many great festivities. The variety of delicious dishes that is purely made from the islanders is something to love and enjoy as well, from mofongo to arroz con dulce. Puerto Rico, known as La Isla Del Encanto (The Island Of Enchantment) has many beautiful tourist attractions as well. Visiting this amazing island would become one of the best memories a person is to have. The best time to travel to Puerto Rico is during the summer, simply because the bright sun is out to enjoy while at the beach, along with that nice summer breeze. One of the best beaches in this island is Condado Beach located in San Juan. Condado Beach is surrounded by hotels and…show more content…
Although the United States do have stores and shops that sell these dishes and refreshments, it is nothing compared to the ones made in the motherland. A very delicious dish that is common is mofongo, the unofficial king of Puerto Rican cuisine. This dish is usually made of mashed plantains with seasoning and a filling of their preference, from pork to shrimp.\ Another very famous and common dish in Puerto Rico is lechon, which is basically roasted pig. Lechon is mostly consumed during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Many eat lechon with arroz con gandules, which is the national dish of the island. Arroz con gandules is really just yellow rice and pigeon peas, but the secret to this is the special sauce known as sofrito, giving it that Puerto Rican twist. A very cultural beverage that is consumed, mostly during Christmas, is coquito. This is a creamy coconut cocktail, made with sweet condensed milk, evaporated milk, coconut milk, white rum, egg yolk, cinnamon, and vanilla. This alcoholic beverage is very popular and the Puerto Ricans love

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