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Puerto Rico’s Beauty Many places around the world are famous tourist destinations like Rome, Paris, and Madrid. Most people visit well-known sites; for example, the Eiffel Tower of France, because of its history and mostly to take pictures and make memories. When I think of travel, though, I don’t care how famous a place is or how popular it is. When I fall in love with a place, I look at its natural beauty. Puerto Rico was the place that amazed me. Puerto Rico is the island of enchantment, which many people adore, especially its beaches, its weather, and its culture. Specifically, the beach is the part of Puerto Rico that takes my breath away. Growing up close to the beach gave me the opportunity to enjoy every aspect of it. Any day, I could feel the warm sand on my feet when I walked over it. Then I stood on the shore letting the waves crawl to my feet and heard the roar of the waves. Beyond the beach I saw the ocean and its mix of greens and blues that gave the beach its own coat of color. Not only I, but anyone who has the lick to visit,…show more content…
Where did it come from? The culture is a mixture created by Indians called “Tainos,” Spanish, and African, people who came together to create the Puerto Rican music, food, and atmosphere. The Salsa and Bomba music run in the people’s veins. Food like arroz con gandules is very well known and my aunt is the best at cooking it. She creates a certain flavor that other can’t emulate in her dishes, and the spices that she uses completes my appetite. An appetite that she sated on multiple occasions, including, but not limited to, trips to the beach with the family or the waterfalls in Puerto Rico. In one occasion, she saved the 10 year old me from what I felt was near starvation after a long day of strenuous games with food. The culture is the people who bring light to the island. Puerto Rico might have many beautiful places, but the culture is the root of Puerto Rico’s

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