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Goodbye Puerto Rico Many Puerto Ricans are leaving their homeland to find a better life. Most of the people who are leaving are usually professionals; that is why it is commonly called a brain drain. There are many reasons why the brain drain is occurring in Puerto Rico and it will affect the economy badly more than it has already. Since 2004 there are more Puerto Ricans living in the United States than in Puerto Rico (Birson, Vargas-Ramos). The majority of Puerto Ricans migrate to the United States because they will find stability there. This number will continue to grow overtime unless there is an economic development in Puerto Rico that would help with the profession of many Puerto Rican who are thinking about leaving the island. The main reason why these people are migrating is because they are looking for good jobs with better pay. In Puerto Rico it is really difficult to find a job, and if they do it pays a poorly salary and are usually not stable jobs. Professionals who deserve a good pay are working jobs with low income and it is affecting their lives. After all their hard work and studies they deserve better jobs but are compensated with a mediocre status.…show more content…
All the problems are linked and even when the people try to stay and help they end up in bankruptcy. Because of this, young professionals contribute to a large part of the brain drain and now Puerto Rico is full of senior citizens. These people are making the jobs unavailable and cannot give up their career since the government keeps raising the retirement age. The state tries to help the economy with these changes but it only keeps making it worse. What Puerto Rico need is young professionals more capable, agile and with fresh ideas to help our economy but we are turning them down and warding them off. These are not the only people leaving, there are also the adults losing their jobs with families to

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