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Christmas is a very important celebration in Puerto Rico and is one of the traditional festivals. Tradition is a customs or beliefs that has been passed from generation to generation. Christmas has been celebrated for 400 years in Puerto Rico. This belief is influenced by Spain because Puerto Rico has been conquered by Spain for 400 years. Although so many country celebrate Christmas in the world, but the way Puerto Rico celebrate Christmas is so unique and different. People celebrate Christmas begin as early as November until the mid-January.Christmas is a very special time for Puerto Rican! Nine days before Christmas Eve, people will go to an uncommon Mass before dawn called Misa de Aguinaldo. “Aguinaldos is the thing that Puerto Ricans sing…show more content…
This is when Puerto Rican Christmas dinner will serve. Nochebuena also signifies "Goodbye" in Spanish and it refers to Christmas Eve. At that night, every family members will stay together to eat.“It is the greatest Christmas fete for most Latinos”(Hede,8). It told us that the important of Christmas dinner for Puerto Rican. Nochebuena is the biggest Christmas Time feast in many Hispanic families. “ Nochebuena supper regularly highlights cook pork, known as lechón in Spanish, as the centerpiece of the feast … the most critical piece of Noche Buena, and liquor is regularly devoured by everywhere throughout the course of the celebration.” (Hede, 9) It suggests that Puerto Rican use special food for the Christmas Eve like cook the whole pigs in a Caja China box on blazing…show more content…
This day will marked with a large celebration in San Juan.“Three Kings Day or Epiphany is a standout amongst the most imperative occasions on the Puerto Rican datebook.” (Deane, 12)It demonstrates that Three Kings Day is truly the important day in Puerto Rico. It is not only the story from the bible, but it represents the truth of Jesus’s birth. Children will feed or straw in shoe-boxes for the Magi's steeds or camels or enchanting treats and milk for Santa. Today, youngsters regularly get their principle displays on the 25th December. “The Three Kings are additionally a mainstay of Puerto Rican expressions and artworks.”(Deane, 7) It suggests us that Puerto Rican passes their tradition by making art. They are among the most famous subjects for the island's Santos, or high-quality dolls of holy people and different religious persons and for all intents and purposes each gift shop justified, despite all the trouble's salt will convey some tribute to them. Addition, children can go to La Fortaleza, the governor's mansion, to receive free

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