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On March 2, 1917, Puerto Rico was granted U.S statutory citizenship. Puerto Rico is one of the many Caribbean Islands. It is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of the Dominican Republic. This island has a population of 3.8 million and growing. The climate in Puerto Rico is tropical year-round, the average temperature is 80 degrees fahrenheit. Its currency is US dollars. Puerto Rico is a major producer of manufactured goods, high-technology equipment, and many more. Today their main exports include chemicals, electronics, tuna, rum and medical equipment.Although, Puerto Rico’s economy hasn’t always been stable throughout the country’s history, but a series of projects in the 1940s boosted the country’s economy…show more content…
Now days its economy thrives from tourism, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and technology. Their main imports include oil, food, clothing and machinery. Puerto Rico’s main trading partner is the United States, they also trade heavily with the Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom. Due to Puerto Rico’s colorful history and vibrant lifestyle, the people of the country have many unique and fun customs. Here are a few facts about Puerto Rico’s traditions and culture. The tasty and spicy food of Puerto Rico comes from a mixture of Spanish, America, British and African inspirations. In Puerto Rico, it is very well-mannered to kiss someone on the cheek when greeting them. During your conversation, it is also appropriate to stand very close to the person who you are talking to. Many of the words that Puerto Ricans use for building names, household items and food products originated from the Taino Indians, who lived in Puerto Rico before Christopher Columbus founded the island. Spanglish can be heard in parts of the country, due to the influence of the English language. Bomba, plena and trova music can be heard throughout the streets of Puerto Rico during parties and celebrations. Merengue music and dancing is also

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