Goold Vs Macbeth

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The ornate and lyrical prose found within Shakespeare’s Macbeth was destined to be preformed upon the stage. While countless theatrical adaptations have appeared since Shakespeare crafted the play, recent cinematic interpretations penetrate the crepuscular world of Macbeth and illume to the audience the chillingly nefarious nature of Macbeth and his morally ambiguous cohorts. In 2010, director Rupert Goold unsettled audiences with his modern portrayal of Macbeth as a brutal tyrant, reminiscent of Stalin and his dictatorship in a World War II plagued Soviet Union. With the depiction of the strange, demonic Weird sisters and the terribly eloquent and hell-bound Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, Goold retells the epitomized tragedy under a murky light…show more content…
They seem to move with a jarring, unnatural quickness, a feat accomplished by a modern film editing technique. When they meet with Macbeth in a vast and stark hall to give him his prophecy, their menacing words, “All hail Macbeth, that shalt be King hereafter”, are spoken with the icy blue, chapped lips of a cadaver. In the rest of the film, the witches continue to appear hidden amongst the public, either as nurses, kitchen servants, and house staff. They seemingly guide over all of Macbeth’s actions, watching as his fulfills the steps towards his ultimate faith. In the fated “double, double , toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble” scene, it is more than a “baboon’s blood” that stops the heart of the viewer. The Weird Sisters move in the same jerky, strange fashion as they dart around bodies on white stretchers, rolling back their eyes into their heads, contorting their bodies in sharp angles, all the while chanting the morbid ingredients of their ghastly brew. When they speak to Macbeth, their bodies and the bodies of the cadavers are just vessels for the Weird Sisters master, “who will not be commanded” by Macbeth. With this visual interpretation of the Weird Sisters, Goold shows, rather than tells, the demonic nature of the witches. For much of the film, this Macbeth continues to focus on showing the audience the blood and death that Shakespeare alluded to with

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