Fire And Ice Figurative Language

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Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice” is a melodramatic poem presenting readers two tragic and very vivid visions of the world ending. This short but brilliant poem, only nine lines long represents in the most intriguing way- the ongoing debate that we are still having today, whether the world is going to end in fire or in ice. This poem can be looked at in different ways. Fire, often times remind us of hell or destruction. Ice often times represent innocence or purity. However that is always the case and definitely is not so in this particular poem. In this poem, fire and ice are both viewed in a way that is both equally destructive. Looking into three major literary devices found in the poem: figurative language, setting and imagery, they will allow…show more content…
In the very first two lines of the poem, we do not know yet that the words fire and ice are used as major symbols however shortly after, it is made very clear in the next few lines “from what I’ve tasted of desire” (3) that fire is used as symbol for human desire. It also represents lust and deep passion as those are fiery “hot” emotions that lead us to want more, and become greedy. Desire is very hard to control or stop. Much like fire when it spreads, it becomes greed thirsty and does not stop until it takes down everything it comes across. Looking at the total opposite of fire now – ice. “I think I know enough of hate” (6) implies that Ice in the poem is used as a symbol for hate. It can also symbolize a cold heart. Also in line one, it quotes “some say the world will end in fire” (1), the word “world” in this case can be looked at in another light, not just as the literal meaning (earth’s surface) but can be a symbol or metaphor for a human relationship. Too much of anything can hurt a relationship whether it be fire; anger, yelling. Or ice; ignoring the other, no communications, and overall chill in the relationship. Either one, if not controlled, can consume

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