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Puerto Rico is the perfect place for vacationing. Every little thing is amazing. Starting from its beaches, to the food and ending with the wonderful people that live here. Envision yourself, walking around the white lustrous sand of Luquillo’s beach as the wind caress you with a warm pleasant feeling. The watery sand running through your feet making you feel completely relax. If you are a lover of swimming, you can enjoy diving with colorful fishes and various sea animals, as you enjoy the cold yet pleasant sensation of the ocean touching your skin gently. This is one of the stunning experiences that make Puerto Rico one of the most visited Islands in the Caribbean. If you thought that Puerto Rico’s beaches were the only thing amazing about it, you have never taste its cuisine. Puerto Rico has a variety of savory food that can astonish you with its taste and their innovative way of decorating each different plate. Its cuisine goes from small light textured dough that can be filled up with juicy beef, chicken strips and other delicious meat that you like to an abundant and flavorful dish called “Mofongo”. This dish is principally made of mashed plantain with garlic, oil, small tasty bites of bacon and pork cracklings…show more content…
The island has great activities to experience and learn new things about its culture. One of the most visited places in Puerto Rico is San Juan, its capital. There, you can see how the island used to be back then, when they used the big rock forts to protect Puerto Rico from invaders. “El Morro” is an awesome place to have some quality time with your family as you watch the neon orange sun drifting into the horizon. Another mind-blowing experience in Puerto Rico, is visiting “El Yunque”. The rainforest “El Yunque” is a cold, mountainous rainforest. This forest is the habitat of the bright green and covered with blue feathers bird, called the Puerto Rican

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