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Phil Knight was born on February 24, 1938 in Portland Oregon. His parents were William H. and Lola (Hatfield) Knight. Phil Knight was a very athletic and smart child. He competed on the high school track team and graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.S in Business Administration in 1959, and graduated with a MBA from Stanford University in 1962. He covered the sports section of his high school newspaper. Phil’s best mile run time was 4:10; his track coach was Bill Bowerman. Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman created Blue Ribbon Sports® a small business started as an importer of Tiger Japanese shoes. Blue Ribbon Sports sold 1,300 Japanese shoes. Bowerman made Blue Ribbon Sport’s first sole. Blue Ribbon Sports eventually turned…show more content…
Phil Knight announced to The National Press Club that “Nike is dedicated to giving American consumers assurance that the products they buy are not manufactured under abusive circumstances” ( Workers received $2.46 a day in a nation that counted $4 a day as minimum wage. In 1998 Nike laid off 1,900 workers. Nike won a lawsuit in early 1999. Asian workers eventually started to drag in production so Nike raised wages a small amount. In 2000 Tiger Woods a professional golfer, signed a contract to use Nike’s golf products for five years. Also during this time Nike began designing uniforms for over 2,000 athletes for the 2000 Sydney, Australia Olympic Games. Nike began a women’s division for the Olympic Games called Nike Goddess within the company. The first Nike Goddess Store opened in Newport Beach, California in 2001. In 2002 Phil Knight purchased a stop motion animation company from Bill Clinton. Phil Knight changed the name to LAIKA. The company made its first film Coraline in 2009. In 2012 LAIKA created the film Paranorman. In 2014 the movie Box Trolls came to theaters. Some of LAIKA’s competition was Big Hero 6, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Song of the sea, and Tale of the Princess Kaguya. All of these movies were very successful. Phil Knight’s son Travis Knight is one of the main animators for…show more content…
In the opening month of the 2013-2014 NBA season, LeBron James renewed his status as the best player. LeBron and the Miami Heat won 14 of their 17 first games. LeBron James shot 61% of his shots from the floor. Kevin Durant pulled away to be MVP. LeBron was hitting almost ½ of 3 point attempts so he was doing things no one had done before. LeBron was changing shoes in the middle of the game because they were uncomfortable. The makers of the LeBron 11 struggled around the toe and there were arguments over the launch. LeBron scored 48 points plus 25 points straight at a 2008 game for Cleveland. LeBron pushed the Cavs to the finals with his scoring. LeBron James wore home the Nike Zoom Soldiers through the 2007 playoffs. Some of the colors for the Soldier Series are white/gold and white/navy Blue. white/gold was the home version and the white/navy-blue was the away version. LeBron made a buzzer beating triple in the, Eastern Conference Finals which handed Detroit a stunning game

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