Piaroa Tribe Research Paper

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The Piaroa people are a group of native people from Venezuela and Colombia. The area they occupy is near the Orinoco River in the Amazon rainforest in Venezuela and neighboring country Columbia. The population of the Piaroa people is approximately 14,000.The Piaroa group have been studied by anthropologist, their fieldwork consisted on learning about the Piaroa society structure & function; Structure Components of the Piaroa are economic structure, belief systems, gender relation, social practices, raising children, cooperation & competition, Social control, Sharing amongst others, and warfare prevention. Firstly the Piaroa tribe are indigenous people of both Venezuela and Colombia, inhabit the amazon forest near the Orinoco basin, a river that spreads from Venezuela to Colombia hence why they are found in both countries. The amazon tribe are adapt to…show more content…
The Piaroa tribe shaman is the main teacher for the children; the shaman gathers children that are six to seven years old for lessons on personal responsibility, self-restraint, and respect for others. The shaman teaches the children to avoid behavior such as jealousy, arrogance, malice, dishonesty, vanity, and cruelty; he instructs the children to restrain from these behaviors, and master emotions and desires .Piaroa are modeled not to succumb to violent and coercive behavior. The teaching method does not have physical punishment for the children; they don’t get physically punished at home too. The recreation activities are robust but free of expression of anger. The children are discouraged from throwing temper tantrum, and displaying any expression of anger, instead should stay silent and content. Competitive sports do not exist in the group, and it is discouraged for children to participate in such sports. As a result malicious behavior is minimize in the community, therefore social control is constantly apparent within the

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