Collaborative And Narrative Therapy: A Comparative Analysis

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As Collaborative therapy, Solution-Focused therapy (SFT) and Narrative therapy, are postmodern social construction models based on language and communication. Collaborative client therapist dialogue approach reflects the ideas of psychologists Harlene Anderson and Harry Goolishian (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). According to Anderson (1995), the early focus of Collaborative therapy was on speaking the client’s language to learn about their values and worldviews. Learning the client’s language, the therapist can better developing problem definitions and interventions (Anderson, 1995). One similarity between Narrative therapy and Collaborative therapy is that a person’s knowledge of reality is influenced by life constructions, believes, narratives, and culture. A resemblance among therapists of Solution Focused approach, Narrative approach, and Collaborative approach is their position about clients. Therapists from all three approaches take a position that clients are the experts in their own lives, and that they have skills to construct more positive stories about themselves (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013).…show more content…
In Solution-Focused therapy, problems are unsuccessful attempts to resolve difficulties (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). In Narrative therapy, therapists focus on reminded clients that they are not the problem; the problem is the problem. Also, Narrative approach emphasize that the problem is rooted in the dominant discourses of a society (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). According to Anderson (1995), in Collaborative therapy there is no such thing as one problem since each family member’s description and explanation of problems are different. Therefore, Anderson (1995) argues that there are as many problems as there are members of the system. Also, the focus of Collaborative approach is in dissolve problems rather than solve

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