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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Analysis In the decades since its release in 1974, Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been raved as one of the best and most controversial horror films of all time (Writer, BBC). Many have seen it as re-defining the genre, and raising the bar for all horror films that followed(Gleiberman, Owen). The story of the film features all of the five basic conventions of the slasher, that would eventually become a template for a lot of films that attempted to follow the genre. The film became so popular it set forth several sequels and remakes to the story. While these films do not necessarily carry the same value as the original, it also gives example of the template that the original put in place. In this film there is not much…show more content…
This is the Leatherface household. All of the killing happens in or around the house. What originally seems to be an abandoned house, is actually the home/hiding place for the killer’s family. Secluded and with horrendous decorations that are implied to be real body parts, it seems to be a home directly made from nightmares. The house is also where Leatherface first comes out to make his debut to the world. In this house, three out of the five characters of the group is brutally murdered. What seems to be the yard of the house is where the fourth member is killed. Around halfway through the movie, the Final Girl is essentially trapped in this house of horrors. She is chased all around the house and eventually even escapes, only to be brought back to the house. During the final third of the film, she is being tortured in this house that holds the spirits of many people who were murdered. She is taunted and ridiculed by the insane family, whom are right at home. Eventually, the Final Girl does escape, and is able to finally leave the horrible place. The location,and the representation of the house are another example of how Leatherface seems to lack the supernatural abilities that other killers seem to have. Unlike killers of other films, who somehow always catch up despite walking at a calm pace, Leatherface is seen struggling to keep up several times. He doesn’t magically appear anywhere after the shock of his first

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