Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: What Makes Us Human?

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Human? Imagine a world where robots are a part of our community and everyday lives, such as having robotic teachers and robot friends. This is in our near future and because of the ever changing world of artificial intelligence, it is not that far off. But should these computers be considered humans or just human-like things? What does being a human really mean, and what makes us a human? Traits that make us human are our ability to use higher thinking, feel emotions such as empathy, and be able to perform actions that lead to a reaction. One trait that makes us human is that we have the ability to use higher thinking, which allows us to remember what we have learned, such as recalling emotions we once experienced, and remembering who we are, not only to the world but to ourselves. In the novel Frankenstein, the monster has the ability to feel and remember the emotion of love while watching the people in the huts. To know what an emotion is or to be…show more content…
People can’t know love and recognize it without first-hand experience. Also, with higher thinking comes the ability to apply what we have learned or seen and use it in everyday life. In the book Frankenstein, the monster is able to apply the knowledge he acquires from his interactions with the people around him to know that he does not look normal or appealing.For example, the monster runs into a man in the woods that becomes so frightened by the monster’s appearance that he runs away for good and the monster begins living in his hut. Also, when he sees his reflection in the pond and his own image scares him, the monster has the ability to apply the information he took in and
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