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How to make the public transportation system economically more attractive to car users Carolina SILVA COSTA, Introduction to transportation research, Universiteit Hasselt Introduction The main area of this research is the public transportation system. It is possible to evaluate many characteristics of this area, however the issue discussed here is how to make the public transportation system economically more attractive to car users. Nowadays, it is possible to evaluate the need to reduce the use of cars in the city. It happens due the congestion traffic, the air and noisy pollution and the search for sustainable alternatives of transport. Therefore, the use of trains, buses and bikes are becoming more encouraged trough economic politics…show more content…
To these barriers, it is possible to add the culture and attitude, because some countries as Germany and USA have a culture of stimulation of the car using and consumer attitude (Buehler, 2011). In the case of “costs”, car users and public transport users know the public transport is cheaper, but it is not a decisive factor for car users considering it as isolated. In addition, in the case of time travel, it depends on the situation because bus can be faster than cars if there is an exclusive bus lane. However, the factors depends on each city, therefore, it is required to do the study of the travel behavior for car users and public transport users in each case of improvement to the public transportation…show more content…
The factors that influence some strict car users are the attachment, for car users who “love their cars”; the dependence, for the ones that believe that does not exist other ways of traveling available; car status, because buying a car is an achievement to some car users (Beirão & Sarsfield Cabral, 2007). Evaluating these factors, the audience of publicity in public transport usage policies should be people that are willing to reduce car frequency (Beirão & Sarsfield Cabral, 2007). The barriers of the public transport service indicates that to make the public transport more attractive to car users, it is required to improve the service in order to meet people’s needs (Beirão & Sarsfield Cabral, 2007). However, it is possible to take into account that most car users under estimate the public transport system, because they do not have sufficient knowledge about it. The article also concludes that: “the type of journey is also relevant when choosing a mode of transport and the importance given to factors affecting that journey is different.” (Beirão & Sarsfield Cabral,

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