Pros And Cons Of Public Health Policy Efforts

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Public Health Policy Efforts in Maine Jillian M Jolicoeur Kaplan University HA 560 Community Health Assessment Professor Mountasser Kadrie October 6, 2015 Abstract Policymaking regarding health and safety are important issues to the public and the government. Public health has many advantages and also has some disadvantages. Public health assessments are often used to form public policy. Maine passed legislation on a very important issue affecting the safety of their vulnerable citizens. Adult abuse, neglect, and exploitation in Maine are serious issues facing the elderly, disabled, and those living with cognitive impairments. There are mandatory reporting laws in place for reporting concerns. Maine requires certain professionals to be mandatory reporters. The health and safety of the people…show more content…
Public health workers, advocates, and legislators determined the need for changes in state laws. Maine law now requires certain professions and non-professionals to be mandatory reporters for suspected or potential abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Title 22: Health and Welfare of Maine Law lists who the required mandated reporters are. In addition to professionals required to be mandated reporters, individuals caring for an adult with cognitive impairments or disabilities, regardless of compensation, are also required to be mandated reporters. Churches and transportation services share the same responsibility as well under Maine law. This same law also added some provisions for similar reporting of the abuse and neglect of animals. These laws also offer protection from civil and criminal processes resulting from a report (Maine Legislature,

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