Customer Satisfaction In Logistics

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This research tends to analyst the customer satisfaction with logistics services. Customer satisfaction is very important for logistics companies seeking competitive advantage, because they realize that if they do not satisfy the expectations of customers, their place will be taken by other companies whose activities will be more concentrated on customer expectations. Therefore, logistics companies must ensure every customer service related aspect, no matter what it includes: acceptance of orders, their execution or the solution of problems. A client of a logistics company must be sure that the chosen company understands his needs. Previously, supply chain management being viewed as a supportive industry to other functional areas, nowadays…show more content…
Businesses rely heavily on efficient supply chains to integrate their production processes and deliver finished products to market. A well-developed and efficient transport industry is a key factor of the strength for any nation’s supply chain and logistics sector. If there is without a proper transportation system, logistics could not bring its benefits into the industries. In other word, a well-developed transportation system in logistics could provide better logistics efficiency in order to reduce operation cost and promote service quality. A well-developed logistic system needs the cooperation of government and private sectors in order to increase both the competitiveness of the government and enterprises. (Yung-yu TSENG,2005) Transportation system allowed the goods and products could moving timely and regional efficacy to promote value-added. Logistics activities affected by the transport and it directly influences production and sale. In the logistics system, transportation cost could be regarded as a restriction of the objective market. Therefore, it is a possibility for the firm to use the public transportation such as MRT, LRT as a delivery tool; it may help the firm to reduce the costing, at the same time the 24hours operation would brings more flexibility to the firm in term of…show more content…
In order to provide high quality services to the customer, the highly quality management is necessary which means under a well-handled transport system, goods could be sent to the right place at right time to satisfy customers’ demands. It brings efficacy to the firms and at the same times it also builds a connection between producers and consumers. Transportation is the base of efficiency and economy in business logistics and expands other functions of logistics system. In addition, a well-developed transport system in logistics activities brings benefits not only to service quality but also to company competitiveness. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to analyst the logistic flexibly that brings by the public transportation would affected the customer’s

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