Family And Friends 2 Case Study

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Firstly, the tasks of Family and Friends 2 will be discussed. According to Littlejohn (1998), turn-take "refers to the kind of participation which learner should have in accomplishing the learning task". Half of the tasks in Family and Friends 2 are supposed the learners to respond. The rests of the tasks do not require learners to initiate or respond. This fact shows that the Family and Friends 2 tasks more often push students to use the language. Moreover, it expects learners being a listener rather than express themselves. Almost tasks in Family and Friends 2 draw on meaning. Activities draw learners’ attention to form-meaning relationship take the next biggest proportion of the tasks. About one third of the tasks are direct students to…show more content…
This suggests, the evaluator believed that the developers of the Family and Friends 2 need to select the content of textbooks with the new principles of learning and teaching. The textbook needs more attention on this important aspect which relates to sequencing the content of the materials to be interrelated and arranged on the basis of difficulty. The evaluator found the topics and the activities fairly interesting and motivating. The Family and Friends 2 considered offering appropriate tasks and activities. The Family and Friends 2 considered not that much successful in all three modes of participation, namely, ‘learner to class and teacher’, ‘learner individually’, and ‘learners in pairs or groups’. the evaluators rate the Family and Friends 2 as relatively unsuccessful in assigning active roles to the learners in learning and participating in classroom activities and a managing role to the…show more content…
This shows that the plan of the book, the division of the book into sections, and its graphic illustrations are not satisfactory. Moreover, it shows that the selected textbook is not supported with ample appendices. The present study shows that the Family and Friends 2 tasks require learners to be more listener than to express themselves. Also the textbook does not include any tasks to be required to initiate or respond. the tasks in the Family and Friend 2 paid more attention on meaning than the structure or language forms. This could be one of the sign of unsuccess in the books under study. The Family and Friends 2 do not require students to recall linguistic or nonlinguistic items from previous units. However, the textbook is not benefiting so much from this type of mental activities and this may lead to students not having sense of continuity. It is revealed that the Family and Friends 2 encourages the learners more often to decode semantic meaning. The Family and Friend 2 try to involve the learners individually than being in group, pair, or learner to class

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