America's Public Transportation System

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From the beginning of time, man has always had one problem: getting from point A to point B. As humans and time progressed, the problem was thought to be solved; this is not the case. Every day, the lives of many Americans depend on reaching their destinations. America’s public transportation system struggles to provide transportation for those who are in need of transportation. While many cities in America are well-known for their advanced public transportation, other cities are known for their inadequacy. Improvements can be made if Americans are made aware of the benefits and advantages of attaining the right to public transportation. The right to quality public transportation should be available to all Americans, as the right will define their past, present, and future.…show more content…
The need is present throughout the nation, but is not always met by the transportation system. Studies by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that the average commuting distance to one’s job was just over nine miles, but that the relatively low number might be due to the qualities of the public transportation people receive. The common distance from a person’s residence and the nearest bus stop is almost 300 meters, with the distance to another form of transportation being around 4 kilometers. On average, more than thirty-five billion trips are made via public transportation every day (Djurhuus, 2014). If so many Americans use public transportation daily, one can only understand that public transportation is important to American citizens. Additionally, if public transportation is an important and growing industry in America, the fact only stands to reason that there will be an even greater need in the future than now. Of course, while public transit is definitely depended on by Americans, the public transportation system is not dependable for all
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