Leadership Problems In School

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The advisor group of the school have decided to construct a plan to solve the issues or problems that the new inexperienced principal faced in a high performing school. In additions, we will also provide insights and recommendations on the appropriate leadership approaches to be followed by the principal. First of all, we should address the issues or problems that exist in the school. 1. Teachers at the school are very resistant. 2. Deputy Principal is unhappy with the new Principal as he wanted the role. 3. Parents are unhappy because the principle is young and wants to change the things. 4. Teachers rarely communicate with each other. 5. There are no sharing or collaborative works between the teachers. 6. Some aspects of school management…show more content…
The suitable leadership approach that can be used to address this problem is transformational leadership. For short term, the principal must identify in which aspects the teachers don’t want to change. For examples, the environment, systems, or organization structures. Afterwards, the principal is advised to develop particular solutions to each aspect by seeking to influence the school outcomes rather than on the nature. The principal needed to establised strong involvement and commitments among the organization members. Principal should held a meeting with all the teachers and discussed the reasons for the oppositions. The principal also should find a middle point of the issues together with the teachers and devise a plan which is aligned with the principal agenda yet still acceptable by the teachers. For long term, the principal must create a new environment based on the teachers’ feedback by setting up the strong and good visions and goals, values and objectives that would inspire the teachers and…show more content…
We advised the principal to apply the political and transactional leadership approach together with the managerial leadership approach. First of all, the principal need to identify the reason why the school management need urgent attention and the administration is ineffective. The several possible reasons are the staffs lack of motivation, the complexity of the systems, or insufficient facilities. After pinning down the problems, the principal need to discuss the issues with person in charge. The principal needed to seek cooperation from the teachers involved to implement effective management in the school. We also must advised the principal to hold the discussion with the concept of “equality” where the staffs or the teachers can explain the issues without fearing the consequences. For the long term, the principal must always organise the trainning activities and meeting with the staffs and teachers to discuss about the school management and admistration issues for improvement purpose. The principal should focused more on managing existing activity sucessfully rather than better future vision for

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