Pros And Cons Of Unhealthy Life

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Imagine you are at McDonald’s and you are trying to decide between the burger and fries or the grilled chicken salad. Your mouth is watering for the greasy, salty, fries. You decide to go with the burger and fries even though your rings won’t fit later because your fingers will be puffed up because of the salt you ate. Many of us struggle trying to decide the right food choices and often times fall for the unhealthier one. Most of the time, the healthier choice is more expensive so we tend to pick the cheaper one even though it is doing more damage to our body but is saving a little money on the bank account. For example, you can get a cheeseburger from McDonald’s for $1.00 and a salad for $5.00. That is a four dollar difference. That may…show more content…
Drastic changes won’t have to be made, but it would be simple changes each and everyday. One thing that can help prevent unhealthy lifestyle is when a child is in school, they need to be taught about what can and will most likely happen if you live an unhealthy lifestyle and do not care about your body. Often times in schools, the lunches are oftentimes healthy because of the state standards. However, children do not understand the difference between nutritional food and junk food. If during some part of a child education, children should be shown pictures of nutritious food versus junk food the start to understand the difference between the foods and the nutritious value that come about each one. If we teach children the difference they will be more aware of the effects. “Nutrition education teaches lifelong healthy eating habits.” (Ipatenco) If this information is taught at a young age, they are more likely to choose the healthier choice as they get older and become adults. Adults need to take part of more physical activity. Often times someone says they do not have time and they will exercise tomorrow. But, the exercise keeps getting pushed off. The best way to start getting physical activity is just going for a simple walk with your kids or go ride a bike. Choosing the right foods and changing one’s mindset of physical activity will not only help them have a better lifestyle but also adding time to one’s
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