International Trade Importance

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International trade is now a vital part of the modern world economy. For many developing countries, a successful trade in regional and global markets could help these countries to develop from low income to middle income country while the upper middle income country would depends on trade as their backbone to maintain their economic growth. In addition to that, trade is significant to the percentage of a country’s national income because the process of trade, which is buying and selling of goods and services across national borders will provide profits to the countries that are involved. There are many reasons why international trade is significant to the growth of a country. As for France, international trade plays an important role in maintaining…show more content…
The manufacturing industry is indeed the crucial exporter of France, making up nearly 27% of its GDP. France’s exports comprise a number of valuable commodities including machinery and transportation equipment, aircrafts, petroleum, cars, and vehicles. The foreign trade is carried out mostly with European partners including Spain, Italy, Germany, and United Kingdom. Due to the growing of deliveries system in France, it somewhat increased the exports trade to the EU countries. Equally important, the export growth of France has been aided by the structural improvements introduced by the government that endorse every aspect of foreign trade. Apart from that, tourism is also a huge part of the French economy, as France is one of the most popular and iconic tourist destination in the world particularly the capital city of Paris, the leading financial market in the…show more content…
Firstly, the higher rate of unemployment which is 10.2% total of the workforce that compares with a figure of 4.3% across the border in Germany. This problem redirects a persistent criticism from business, which is, it is too expensive to hire workers and to fire them or lay them off if they need to (Walker, 2016). Secondly, the dual labor market in which this issue resolve around the complaints of how the insiders have higher pay, job security and frequent promotion prospects while the others, especially younger people, get only short-term work or none. The last one would be on how many people argue that France has too large public sector. It is one of the largest in the world, accounting for 57% of national income or GDP last year but it is still suffering from lacking demand for goods and services. Besides, the heavy burden of taxation indirect by the government will not diminish the rate of unemployment but will more or less placing much more burden to its people’s shoulders (Walker,

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