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TERM PAPER (IMS657) In today’s world, technology has facilitates us in many ways and became the most important thing in everyday life because it serves many functions in this modern society such as business, communication, education, automotive and much more. Few years back, computer is an essential to some people especially workers and students but as the time goes by the use of technology has been changed to most of people because the existence of mobile technology. Technology these days has led to various types of cybercrime, such as identity theft recently. Identity theft is a growing crime phenomenon where it is a serious threat to individuals, government and society in Malaysia. Identity thieves can access and use another person's identity to commit crimes with the use of technology. There are many forms of identity theft cases in Malaysia, some cases reported to the law enforcement agencies, for example, access to a bank account by using the e-mail forgery, fake…show more content…
It has been considered as one of the most major crime that has been committed in Malaysia which causes loss millions of ringgit. Most of the victims were suffered from debt which been created by the identity thieves. In identity theft, there are several trick has been used to get victims information such as for identity card, it is misused by identity thieves to gain employment, obtain tax refunds or access to internet account which has been linked with the card. As for credit card, it will be opened under the victim name and unauthorized charges will be placed under the victim name which also the same to bank fraud where unauthorized withdrawals will done under account of victim. Meanwhile, for fraudulent loans, loan is made under the name of victim without their prior noticed and thus will led them to debt

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