How Did Theater Influence Elizabethan Theatre

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During the Elizabethan era, theater was very well known. Mainly because Elizabethan theaters reflected on the Elizabethan era. There was a lot going on with the theater business, that people wouldn’t understand unless they were apart of it. Plays were very popular and a lot of people would pay to go watch. They go because it was fairly cheap, and the people really enjoyed the acting and music. All social classes show up at plays. Actors go through a lot of hardships because they have to deal with a lot of judgments. They also had made a lot of sacrifices because of being an actor. Deaths were caused because some were poisoned. Being under the parliament definitely had its ups and its downs for the theatrical companies. It was good because they were ensured with protection but bad at the same time because they under the lord’s powers. Plays took awhile to go through because of it’s long process. Although, theaters managed to show a play each day in the afternoon. The the richness of age reflected the Elizabethan drama. Throughout the performances there was usually only one backdrop.…show more content…
A black flag meant that the play was based on a tragedy, a white flag stood for comedy, and a red flag was for history. It was by presented by color because that was an easier way to present it. In the Elizabethan era, theater was a huge deal for the entertainment industries. Theater was the main thing during Elizabethan society. There were some private theaters with professional performers within the city limits. The private theaters attracted a more upper class and polite audience. Elizabethan theaters got criticism from an area of English society. King James and Queen Elizabeth were the reasons how the theater survived. They protected it from the parliament. The parliament examined the plays for

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