Food Crisis In America

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America’s Food Crisis An American food crisis sounds unrealistic at first, until the author describes the definition. America's food crisis is due to the quality of our food and its impact on our health, environment, and values. Americans have always thought on a larger scale of things, adding to how quickly companies have grown. Focusing on quantity over quality obesity has become an epidemic with the large availability of unhealthy foods. The amount of chemicals and antibiotics put into our food not only damages the environment but our health. Corporations focus on meeting consumer demands of low prices instead of their well being. Sustainability isn’t only surviving, it is thinking long term on our impact and how to thrive continuously.…show more content…
As our size, health bills, demand for meat/poultry, and impact on the environment increases it is up to the consumers to make a change. Companies have grown to focus on fulfilling the demands of Americans rather their bodies, adding to the obesity rate and creating farms that promote unsustainability. It is up to the readers to take from this essay a new mindset to make a difference. If you limit your intake of meat, poultry, or crops from these large companies the only option they have is to reform. Reform their farming methods that will create a healthier future for America. After reading this persuasive essay I am strongly against the current farming system. I knew of some of the issues previously from health class but never thought of it on this large of a scale. I am strongly against how businesses disregard life and am now siding with eating more organic. Growing up with a large meat diet I never questioned where it came from until now. I plan to limit my intake and support organic local farms to make a difference on my health and the demand flow…show more content…
A natural way to raise animals that focuses on quality over quantity. Bill Niman’s ranch focuses on the health of their black Angus cattle. Raised in open pastures off of grass or hay for three years with extensive care the beef is known as the best in the world. Large companies focus on the quickest way to put their meat on the market while Niman focuses on the health of the animals. Providing the natural diet, environment, and great care as the cattle mature at the average rate instead of

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