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Context: Need for yogic lifestyle education in schools is being recognized eloquently. However, effectiveness of yogic lifestyle for enhancing adolescent health in schools remains partially or minimally attempted. Aims: To examine relevance of yogic life style education in improving holistic aspects of adolescent health in schools. Settings and Design: A four week field experiment was conducted on a sample of 100 students enrolled in a residential school located at semi-urban setting by utilizing 2 (Control and intervention group) X 2 (male and female students) X 2 (pre and post-test) factorial design. Methods and Material:By utilizing eclectic approach, a sample of 25 male and 25 female school adolescents were exposed to yogic lifestyle…show more content…
Conclusions:Yogic lifestyle education programme has promising potential to not only reduce health problems and but also enhance positive aspects of health in school adolescents. Key-words:Adolescents, self-reported health, yogic lifestyle, yoga, dietary habits, sleep Key Messages:Unhealthy change in lifestyle is making adolescents vulnerable to multiple health problems. Inception of yogic lifestyle education in schools harbours huge possibility for improving adolescent’s health holistically. However, this requires use of eclectic psychological strategies and support of different stakeholders.…show more content…
Several experiential accounts of Yoga practitioners demonstrate that only by holistic changes in life related to diet, sleep, and daily routine we can alleviate multiple physical, emotional and social sufferings (Ram, 1987; Ramdeo, 2006). Regulation of diet, sleep and daily routine has been considered as essential for realizing positive effects of Yoga. In traditional perspective, Yogic lifestyle is deeply related with predominance of positive psychophysical attributes. Through increase in positive psychophysiological make-up, we can not only address physical issues but also psychological aspects of

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