The Pros And Cons Of The Industrial Revolution

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I agree with the statement of the Industrial Revolution bring more negative effects on the world community rather than positive. Industrial Revolution was The Industrial Revolution was really a time where technology, money, and was on a rise. The technology increased to becoming a dominant idea to modernize the countries. The Industrial Revolution was having more cons than pros. It all started in Britain in the 1700s when the British had an abundance of natural resources and had the effects of demand and capital basically changing the way of life for all time. The economic changes that Britain experienced affected people’s lives as much as previous political changes and revolution had. The country developed a very long, slow uneven process in which production changed from simple hand tools to complex machines. When Britain started to experience the Industrial Revolution it was a call to industrialize for every other countries to do the same. The Industrial Revolution changed the ways of life for everyone in society. Since back then, people handmaid their own products to sell and get a profit off of, well in the Revolution it changed. Inventors from all over the country made…show more content…
Everyone in the family started to work to become financially stable. The children started to work because they were nimble-fingered and quick moving, hauled coal carts in extreme heat, and worked in mines. Women were factory workers because they managers thought that women could adapt more easily to machines and were easier to manage. Women after done from wok had to their homes and they had to feed and clothe their families. Men worked in mines searching for coal and iron. It had developed to a point where each person in the family worked 12 hours to 16 hours a day, six or seven days a week. The working conditions were dirty and unhealthy which caused people to suffer accidents, die from exhaustion, or made them breathe toxic chemicals into their
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