Willmar Rhetorical Analysis

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Working with mentally ill people is an amazing experience that many would like to have. To be part of a team that works with these people is an important skill that needs to be addressed. There are about 150 houses in Willmar and its area where mentally ill people are treated, and I work at one of these houses. I chose to rhetorically analyze the house and clients where I work with five strategies: word choice, figurative language, overt statement, sentence `structure, and selection/omission of details. The first rhetorical strategy that I chose to analyze the house and the clients is word choice. Word choice is when the writer creates a mental picture for the reader by using words that are specific and accurate. The writer uses strong words whether positive or negative to show the reader what is happening rather than tell the reader. For example, in my positive paragraph I chose a positive word to show the readers how the house where the clients live looks like “the house where…show more content…
Overt statement is to view or knowledge; not concealed or secret. In my positive descriptive paragraph I talked about how the house seemed good to work and explained the reasons “with the friendly clients in the house it seems good to work here”. It helps the readers visualize and understand the positivity at the house because clients are friendly, and like to talk to people because of that it seems good to work at the house. In my negative descriptive paragraph I talked about the opposite of the positive and explained the reason why the house is not good to work is because of the noisy clients that live in the house. “With the noisy group of clients, it seems no one can work here” when I talked about the noisy clients it’s not secret or something that is hidden from the readers, and that’s part of the view or knowledge that I want my readers to visualize and understand about the

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