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Undergraduate pre-medicine is one of the more extracurricular intensive career paths and requires students to be extremely well rounded. When it comes to admissions, in addition to maintaining an impressive GPA, medical schools now try to look for both clinical, and leadership roles in an application. Promising to fulfill these criteria of involvement is the University of Houston’s largest pre-medical honor society, Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED). Though simple in the visuals, the online home page of AED immediately brings into view what the potential member can accomplish and credit themselves with. Many marketing points throughout the website use the chapter’s credibility as a nationally recognized organization to pull in future members with the…show more content…
Whether it is an organization they are involved in or a clinical opportunity at a hospital, quality is key. A good hospital or organization provides better opportunities and lets you have accurate in field experience. All this is based on the premise that great experience makes a great pre-medical applicant. AED capitalizes on the idea of quality by clearly stating the fact that among all the other pre-medical societies, they are “The ONLY nationally accredited/recognized premedical honor society” on campus (AED). This gives its members an advantage in the quality of involvement they stand to participate in. It also exposes members to far more scholarships, national events and statewide recognition. Therefore, an intensive membership in AED is also indicative of recognition from medical schools anywhere in the nation, an option no other pre-medical society on campus can provide. So the first and foremost benefit AED claims to provide is an exclusive and superior quality membership. This falls in line with their overall promise to enhance an applicant’s undergraduate…show more content…
These events are the main focus of the website and therefore, a major way to achieve active member status. The home page of the website displays not a summary of AED or even a list of requirements, but directly links to the event schedule and upcoming social, community and volunteer events. The website uses this as the main method of substance for the organization. The events are what members participate in, and their level of participation lets them advance in their experience and network. Each event a member goes to/participates in is also documented. This secures position and degree of membership at any given time. This again, reinforces the incentive of having not only a strong, proof provided involvement, but also the opportunity to grow one’s social network. Outside of what goes into an undergraduate record, the viewer is also given the chance to “be recognized by everyone in AED and make new friends!”

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