Who Is To Blame For Ophelia's Death

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Ophelia’s Insanity and Death In many ways critics have tried to prove Ophelia’s Death was a murder, because Ophelia lost her mind and if you think, a person with no mind can not possibly think for themselves. This paper will prove to you that Queen Gertrude was apart of Ophelia’s death. Ophelia’s body was discovered by Queen Gertrude and her description of Ophelia’s death was very surreal , which means she had to watch Ophelia drown which this paper will prove .Ophelia knew too many things and Gertrude had to find a way to get rid of Ophelia forever. To Gertrude her and Ophelia are the same , because Gertrude truly know what it feels like to be told what to do by a man, and if Ophelia was to take back her sanity she would’ve told many things that no one should know. Ophelia in one scene before losing her father lured Hamlet into her trap and was not…show more content…
Ophelia realizing all evils and everything else that was going on in her family. Ophelia has drowned and the only one that can be held responsible for it is Queen Gertrude , it wouldn’t have been Gertrude’s fault only if she wouldn’t have described it so live. Ophelia had no power, except being with a man. Ophelia’s death also happened , because of her father’s restrictions , he wouldn’t let her talk to Hamlet and that drove Ophelia crazy just to the point that she wanted to kill herself. Ophelia had no control on what she could do and she loved Hamlet. Hamlet also drove her insane , but not to the point where she wanted to kill herself it just took small things until she finally lost it when her father’s death occurred. Ophelia did know too much, she knew about Hamlet and spying on Hamlet for her father and the king. It was mainly Hamlet that begin to drive her into her insanity. What also drove her to her insanity was choosing

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