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The first ethical violation I found was that Mark didn’t bother to review his study with the IRB (Institutional Review Board) before it was conducted. This is a “Law that requires each institution that accepts research funding from the Department of Health and Human Services to set up a review committee to evaluate the proposed studies before they are conducted” (Myers & Hansen, 2012, p. 37). Mark is obviously not following the rules and doing whatever he believes is the right thing to do. When you’re a professional that works with people it is important to follow rules, I am assuming he is a teacher because he recruits students. The statement doesn’t say anything about any parental consent; therefore he could be a college teacher. It is extremely important to do everything the proper way because we are dealing with a human, and someone’s life should be our first priority.…show more content…
“Several aspects of informed consent are particularly relevant to psychological research. First, individuals must give their consent freely, without the use of force, duress or coercion. Second they must be free to drop out of the experiment at any time. Third, researchers must give subjects a full explanation of the procedures to be followed and offer to answer any questions about them. Fourth researchers must make clear the potential risk and benefits of the experiments. Fifth, researchers must provide assurances that all data will remain private and confidential” (Myers & Hansen, 2012, p. 38).Mark didn’t follow any of these very important guidelines. I am positive that the students were very upset because they were lied to and they basically wasted their time and didn’t even earn any funds. Looking at it from a student’s perspective I would have not signed any documents and just simply walked

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