Pros And Cons Of Dealing Drugs

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Minors imprisoned for dealing drugs Have you already experienced using drugs? Did it make you feel relieved form stress and pain? Drugs are substances that make you feel like that. It comes in variety like stimulants, inhalants, narcotics and many more. The result you will feel will be pleasing but the negative side is that it is addictive. First, you try it because you are curious, then it becomes occasionally, then you can’t control it anymore. The effects of drug addiction is devastating, it even affects minors because old drug users get from old dealers , and old dealers hire young ones to deal their drugs so that they won’t be caught. Minor drug mules are accepting the offers/ hiring of older drug mules because of poverty. Being…show more content…
The first and most common reason why people do this is because of poverty. Poverty leads to hungry people; hungry people find jobs to get money. Dealing drugs is the easiest way of getting huge amounts of money. It is easy because people only sell the drugs to users that are willing to pay a lot of money just to use drugs because of their addiction. Dealing drugs also lead to consuming and using drugs because people get curious on the field of job that they have. Another reason why people get engaged to drugs is because of peer pressure. Teens are the most vulnerable and at risk here. Teens have a lot of friends and some friends are engaged in drugs, thus, teens are easily influenced by their friends and then sooner or later, they get addicted to drugs and ruin their life. According to Mrs. Williams “ Drug use and abuse is an epidemic in this country and all of our children are at risk.…show more content…
Because they are less to arouse suspicion. If old/experienced dealers are going to do it, they would be easily caught by the police. But what is the stand of the children’s parents about this? Do parent even know that their son or daughter is involved in drugs or is a drug mule? Parents get devastated and become deeply depressed leading to being idle and doing nothing to stop their child in their involvement to drugs. Other parents just turn a blind eye to their child’s doings. According to Daniel Jeffreys, “ it would be better if everyone under 18 was under special supervision.” This applies to all parents and responsible people that have children at home, people must monitor anything and everything that their children are doing to avoid children and young drug

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