Dharmic Vision Analysis

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Dharmic Vision Redefining Development and Resurrecting the Invisible Dharmic vision of development helps to rework spatio-temporal realm of the invisibilized and the silenced majority and helps to construct an authentic subjectivity by redefining and relocating the socio-cultural and religious space and creatively engaging in the production of new meaning systems and epistemological praxeological mediations. It creates a space for them and initiates a new community consciousness accepting the new reality. In this process the developmental activity should help communities to internalize, appropriate and critically respond to the social, cultural and symbolic undercurrents, economic and political modulations, aesthetic and moral mediations.…show more content…
Liberation from the samsaric world is the ultimate aim of their life. So development means the actualization of one’s dharma and articulating it in order to transcend the trajectories of this world and the perfection of one’s own life. involvement in devlopmental activities should not be out of social compulsion, but out of an inner impulse that leads to the actualization of one’s own Dharma. Service is basically an action and an avowal which supports the building up of the community and act against all forms of injustice. Taking up of fundamental issues such as accumulation of power in the hands of the religio-political and cultural literati, unequal distribution of wealth, violation of rights to exist, underlying oppression are essential to dharmic vision of development. This orientation leads to the focus that development implies protection of the rights of every being by overcoming the forces that determine and support discrimination, oppression and domination. This view of development, mixed with justice, promotes life and proceeds towards a community of communities with legitimate…show more content…
The dharmic vision of development is transformational. The avowal of truth and the preservation of rita are the point of departure in this vision. The moral and physical order and the preservation of the same is the ideal that dharma proclaims. Here, preservation and sustainability of creation become the fundamental focus of development. It recognizes that the current structures of society perpetuate adharma and himsa, and goes against the notion of aparigraha and asteya and propses a counter paradigm. Nevertheless, the dharmic understanding of development is all about transformation and reformation of communities. In short, any conception of progress or actualization of development that did not affirm and assert the emancipation of all and promotion of ahimsa, satya, asteya, aparigraha and justice is a perpetuation of adharma. It is a retrogression of the dharmic vision of life envisaged by the tradition which promulgates the ideal of a just

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