Do Both Women Agree Or Disagree Regarding How Women Behave Surrounded By Men Essay

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1. Do both women agree or disagree regarding how woman behave surrounded by men? Both agree on the idea that women behave differently when men surround them. They said that women always trying to impress men by looking attractive, and they do this by imitating stereotypes of “the perfect, beautiful, and happy women” they see in magazines or TV. But they disagree with women doing this, because they both think that women should be themselves, regardless of whom they are with. 2. What are each woman’s position regarding marriage? Mary Wollstonecraft: she talks about how in most of the marriages the man sees women only for sex, pleasure; they have only appreciated them for their beauty, but for their intelligence. Mary says that marriage is…show more content…
They are all very excited, and open to what Meryl is saying to them. 6. How do both speakers refer to ambition? Mary Wollstonecraft: she says the women should aspire for men to respect them for their abilities, and not love the because of what they look like. Meryl Streep: she talks about her personal experience, and how a person needs the help of others to achieve his/ her goals that one can not do it by himself / herself. She also says that you don't have to be a celebrity to be someone important, that being famous is not important. 7. What child-like or immature attitudes does Meryl mention in her speech? She mentions how she acted in an immature way: changing her laugh when she was around boys, not speaking when men were (feeling inferior), laughing at every stupid thing the boys said, trying to look exactly the same as the “perfect popular girl” that the magazines describe by using expensive clothes, wearing the same makeup and hair, try to look physically the same by eating only an apple a day. She pretended to be another person, so she can feel accepted in society and looking appealing for

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