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In writing this report I would like to first define Police Integrity and according to, it states that police integrity is applying values to the decision making process that would allow Police to work in a way that expresses the Code of Ethics, Law Enforcement Codes and legal requirements that are basic and underpinning foundation of policing culture in the environment that the policing takes place. Some factors of police integrity include, poor integrity management, accountability context, good integrity management which consist of minimal strategies and advanced strategies. One aspect of a culture of denial and neglect in the police force has been poor integrity management, which would consist of the failure to take complaints and disclosures seriously, including complaints or information from criminals. Another key aspect is the failure of police management and other relevant authorities to be proactive. While we…show more content…
In that, police are granted some ‘immunities’, which are partial immunities that give police protection from, or some tolerance in, civil or criminal prosecution when they make ‘human errors’. At the same time, there should not be any general protection of police from criminal law. Where there is evidence that police have committed criminal offences they should be charged the same as any citizen. Also, another important aspect of the legal accountability of police is judicial scrutiny in the courts. This operates when judges and defense lawyers examine the quality and sources of police evidence. Evidence obtained illegally, such as through an illegal search or illegal telephone intercept, is usually subject to the exclusionary rule as a deterrent to illegal conduct. The courts should also be alert for possible fabrications of evidence, false evidence and the suppression of exculpatory

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