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DESCRIPTION: The video starts with images of garbage points of Karachi city showing used syringes, bloody vials, drips, used blood bags and healthcare related garbage in very large bulk, which clearly depicts that the situation of waste management is dire in a city like Karachi which has given place to live to an estimated over 23.5 million people. According to an estimate in Karachi city there are over 600 large public and private hospitals and over 5000 private clinics, around 12 blood banks and more than 70 pharmaceutical companies exist, which produce 30 to 40 tons of garbage each day. But the management has failed terribly to waste down this bulk and instead it is thrown away in kacchra places which are right next to these hospitals. There this garbage is exposed to everyone and anyone. It mainly consists of used injections, drips, used gloves, and different medicines.…show more content…
Because if the waste is not managed properly it can cause the disease. Even when health professionals claimed that they eradicated one disease, a new and not curable disease emerged as side or direct effect of the treatment of the previous one. Hospital waste management should be a part of hygiene and maintenance activities but in a developing country like Pakistan the authorities have failed miserably to overcome the problem of unattended hospital wastes which is leading to emergence of new and non curable diseases as well as spreading dangerous infectious diseases like wild fire affecting whole communities. CONCLUSION: Due to absence of any proper legislation and unawareness of the communities the problem is gaining attention of the public health professionals but still nothing is done enough in order to avoid the dire situation. There are certain rules and regulations being discussed in the city council which emphasize mainly on the disposing off of hospital

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