Morality And Social Justice In TV Show Arrow

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: TV Show Arrow Arrow is an American television series classified as an action thriller genre. The main protagonist is Oliver Queen a billionaire who was lost at sea when his yacht capsized and had to struggle to survive for five years alone on an isolated island. The series commences with his return to starling city with his view on life completely different. In the TV series he takes up a masked vigilante persona who fights crime in starling city, by using bows and arrows. The series is based on the fictional DC comic character Green Arrow. To justify the actions of the now vigilante by keeping viewers briefed by introducing flashbacks of events that happened to the playboy Oliver Queen to turn him into this…show more content…
In the film it is demonstrated how strength relates to personal morality and social justice. Personal morality can be defined as conformity to ideals of right human conduct and social justice may be defined as fairness in society. In the words of the great philosopher, Joseph Addison, an individual may be qualified to be of greater good to humankind and get to be more valuable to the world (Human Morality and Social Justice 4). Investigating this thought and seeing our general surroundings, one can without much of a strain say that such persons don't exist any longer who are helpful to the world in any capacity as every one of us have appeared to lose an excellence known as mankind which distinguishes us from other creatures (Richard and Williams…show more content…
In the series Arrow, inquiries of equity spin around the qualification between retributive equity and vengeance or retribution. Such qualifications, however frequently conflated and confounded in prevalent examination, are vital to political scholars, and additionally to progressing legitimate open deliberations about vigilantism, the death penalty, and self-preservation. The American philosopher Robert C. Solomon in his argument states that revenge is retaliation for harm inflicted on us while vengeance is retaliation for harm inflicted on others these two scenarios are the focal point on justice. For instance examples of Homeric epics and Old Testament notions like “an eye for an eye,” Solomon states that “vengeance is the original meaning of justice.” Solomon contends that the emotional reaction people experience from being victimized by, or even witnessing, an injustice is an understandable, legitimate reaction (Solomon

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