Aboriginal Medicine Wheel Analysis

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Medicine is used in many different forms all around the world. Aboriginal traditional medicine and healing focuses on the balance between spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being (Lilley, Harrington, & Snyder, 2011; Robbins & Dewar, 2011). It is considered a holistic approach as it intertwines many different aspects of health (Robbins & Dewar, 2011). The community plays a vital role in the healing process and is highly valued (Shaw, 2014). Western medicine is based on dividing body and mind and driven by the treatment of an illness or disease (The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada, n.d.) Doctors and health care professionals use pharmaceutical drugs, surgery and radiation to directly treat the symptoms and the disease (National Cancer Institute, n.d.). The purpose of this paper is to examine the past, present and future use of…show more content…
The medicine wheel is an important aspect in Aboriginal healing. It revolves around the number four, which is considered sacred (Canadian Cancer Society, 2015). The use of the medicine wheel is to bring people back to a balance, without this balance it is believed people can act out with violence, rage, anger and in turn head down a destructive path (Mawhiney & Nabigon, 2011). The medicine wheel represents spiritual, mental, emotional and physical elements of a person. The four directions north, east, south, west and the seasons spring, summer, fall and winter. The four elements fire, earth, wind and water are also represented in the medicine wheel .As well as the stages of life, which include childhood, youth, adulthood and elderhood. (Canadian Cancer Society, 2015; Uottawa, 2009). The medicine wheel has different traditions within each group of Aboriginals but the circle shape signifies a healing circle, which helps to bring people together within their community and offers support for one another (Canadian Cancer Society,

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