Pros And Cons Of Congress

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There are many jokes that stem from Congress. One of my favorite jokes would be, “What is the opposite of pro?” “Con.” “Okay, then what is the opposite of progress?” “Insert punchline here.” The joke represents how Congress is not really for the public interest; rather, the Congressmen strive to be with Congress merely for personal power and re-election. Overall, the majority of the public have a problem with Congress with the simple fact that they speak verbiage and flowery words to the voters to capture their votes, but then not enact on any of the promises he or she have declared. They do not pass laws the public has interest with, they repeal the laws the public has interest with, they do not solve the problems they need to solve, and a myriad of other reasons.…show more content…
Fiorina, “most people most of the time act in their own self-interest and the primary goal of the typical congressman is reelection (Woll 325).” It is public knowledge that the legislative branch is considered the strongest branch out of the three branches. Moreover, the Framers of the Constitution stated that the legislative branch is the strongest out of the three, which was why the Framers enforced a check and balance within the legislative branch, i.e. the House and the Senate. Holding a position in Congress exhibits prestige power to the Congressmen, which is why the primary goal would be reelection. Additionally, in order to maintain the status and power of a congressman, he or she must win reelection every two years. This would be why Congressmen prolong their promises of change so they can reside within Congress as long as
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