Why Should Books Be Banned Books

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JThe Effect of Banned Books on Society and Children Did you know from 1982 to 2015 about 11,300 books have been banned? Banning books is taking the rights away from millions everyday. When books are banned, kids are missing out on life experiences and life lessons. Last of all, children could be learning about historical events and old classics through banned books. Banning books causes damage to society, its breaking rights and laws, making kids miss out on life lessons, and makes it harder to learn about historical events. Every single time a book is banned, the law is broken. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press,…show more content…
“I think these books look at the topics, the concerns, the worry, the fascination that kids have today... It's the world in which they're living.” (“Banned Books - Top 3 Pros and Cons”). This quote talks about the importance of reading the banned books so they can understand what is going on around them. For instance, if a kid goes their entire childhood being cushioned and not being able to see how the real world is, as a result they will be lost when they do go out on their own. “Destroying things is much easier than making them.” (The Hunger Games). This series of books was banned because of its ideas on governments and controlling people. If kids read these kinds of books they will understand why not to make the mistakes that were made in the books. So don’t take away the banned books, the kids need them for more than a fun adventure, they need them for…show more content…
“Banning them would deprive students of essential cultural and historical knowledge, as well as differing points of view.” (“Banned Books - Top 3 Pros and Cons”). When books are banned, it makes it harder for kids to learn about historical events and cultures. Furthermore, it is important to let kids read old classics so they can see works of the great authors. “One study found that reading J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, which is frequently challenged for religious concerns about witchcraft, "improved attitudes" about immigrants, homosexuals, and refugees.“ (“Banned Books - Top 3 Pros and Cons”). In this study it proves that even though Harry Potter has witchcraft and other controversial ideas, it helps kids accept others despite their differences. Now kids can understand how to treat others even though it came from a controversial book. Taking away banned books is not right when it can help kids learn about the

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