Boycott Nike Persuasive Speech

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BoyCotting Nike Have you looked at your soccer cleats made by Nike and wonder where they come from? Or who is the person that made your Nike soccer ball? Let me give you a minute to answer the question. Okay now that you have thought of your answer let tell you the real answer in the rest of my essay. The first reason to boycott Nike is because they use kangaroo skin for soccer cleats.The use of animal is cruel because the poor animals are hurt so we can end up wearing them(Animals) but what get me mad the most is that people don’t know that by buying these cleats they are giving the company more money to harm more animals. In my opinion animal supporters should boycott Nike till they decide to be animal friendly. In my opinion…show more content…
More than 200 children some as young as 4 and 5 years of age, are involved in the production line. Majority of these children work in Asia and in the nations of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia.Nike success story is attached to the tears of tortured workers and child labor.Nike rules because of all the good things people associate with the company: sharp ads, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, little Penny. If beaten workers and child labor get added to that list, then Nike's benefits will be lost. What makes me mad about child labor is not they make children work because they make but its that they don’t paid well, that is what kills me but what makes me even madder is that the parents are stupid enough to let their children work for factories like this. In 1996 a 12 year old boy named Tariq was surrounded by pieces of a Nike soccer ball and he would spend most of his days stitching the ball and at the end of the day all he got was 60 cents like are you serious this boy spent all day working on this ball and all he got was 60 cents like for real any way in a couple of weeks after that there were protest in front of Nike outlets with posters of Tariq’s photo on them. And its like Nike didn’t have enough after that protest because they keep practicing child labor.In Vietnam the supervisors beat the workers. We should be happy that we don't have to go through

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