Comparing Mahatmas Ghandi And Maximilien Robespierre

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Revolutionary Leaders Mahatmas Ghandi and Maximilien Robespierre where both leaders who contributed to a revolution and cause. Although they were contributing to different causes, there were some similarities between these revolutionary leaders! Some of these similarities go as followed gandhi believed in the use of non-violence. Robespierre used violence to get his point around, and strike fear into the people. They were both fighting for different rights such as women's rights, titles, and government. Some side effects from the use of non-violence and violence lead to the people destroying the cause over time. In India it was divided into sections causing war, and Robespierre was killed by guillotine as his fellow colleges feared him. Mahatmas Ghandi and Maximilien Robespierre also had their differences and beliefs in the revolutionary cause.…show more content…
His use of non-violence had its pros and cons, some of the major cons is all of the suffering that the british caused on anyone who revolted. Although his use of non-violence allowed them to gain more respect and show they will not be obedient to the british “you can break my bones, and kill me but then you have my dead body not my obedience”. Gandhi was fighting for a common cause and a change for the good of the people. Women's rights, labor laws, and other government aspects where all apart of this revolutionary cause. Over time changes started to come into effect and the revolutionary change was in motion, eventually it started to branch off in the wrong direction. India won its independence but with a cost, it was divided into sections segregating the hindus and pakistanians. This caused grudges and violence between the

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