African American Police Injustice

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“Can’t we all just get along?” says Rodney King in a press conference after he is released from custody by LAPD. After nearly being beaten to death by multiple police officers, instead of expressing hatred towards them, all he asks for is peace and love like God intended. Law enforcement in America has been seen in a negative light in the African American community for centuries. Police officers are not respected within the black community because of several past incidents involving officers that mistreat black citizens. Police injustice against the African American community is a big problem in our country. African Americans are being targeted as deviant people by law enforcement. Not only are African Americans physically abused by force,…show more content…
Diversity training throughout the justice department should be required in order to ensure police officers are enforcing laws and treating civilians from all ethnicities fairly. They also need to train their officers to enforce the law justly and make new policies that limit the amount of force officers can use on civilians. African Americans have been the victims of countless unnecessary interrogations and beatings by the police in America. According to a study at The University of Kansas, black people in the Kansas City area were 3 times more likely to be pulled over than white people. Many black citizens have described their experiences of being stopped by police for “driving while black”. These men and women that were pulled over got no explanation to why they were pulled over, but instead were asked questions such as if their cars were stolen and what destination they were headed to. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Black people are 31% more likely to be pulled over than white people (“You Really Can Get Pulled over for Driving While Black, Federal Statistics Show - The Washington Post”). Black people are also more likely to get pulled over no reason. African Americans are not only getting pulled over, but they are being interrogated at their homes and on the streets. A…show more content…
Henry Louis Gates Jr., a well-known professor at Harvard University who was arrested at his home by police for disorderly conduct. Police arrived at Gates’ home when they got a call from one of Gates’ neighbors that believed two black males were trying to break into the house. The men turned out to be Dr. Gates himself and a taxi driver who was helping him unlock his jammed front door. When police arrived at the house, one of the officers told Dr. Gates to step outside of the house. After showing him proof of identification and his credentials as a Harvard professor, the officer still did not believe that Dr. Gates lived there. Dr. Gates then became frustrated with the fact that he was being interrogated for breaking into his own home and expressed his frustration with the police officers. At this point the officers felt like he began to act in a disorderly manner and arrested him. After being released a couple of hours later, Dr. Gates accused the arresting officer of racism and the story became national news (Goodnough). In order to solve this problem, the Justice Department needs to ensure that their police departments are not racially profiling citizens. The problem is that police departments are training their officers to profile citizens anyways.

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