What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having A Written Constitution

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Pros and cons of having a written Constitution: • Accessibility – Today’s modern era thrives for nothing but equality within the hierarchy of classes in our public system. The Constitution should be able to be accessed by anyone, regardless of their class, race or sex and not just by those involved in the government and parliamentary system. This way everyone has a way of educating themselves on the different rules and regulations of the law through a simple document, thus allowing it to come across as clear and not as broad to interpretation as it is now (unwritten). Furthermore, the population is ‘generally less aware of the landmarks and origins… underpinning the unwritten conventions of the political system’ hence making it evidently significant that each piece of constitutional information be written down for viewing. • Understandable – If the law was that crucial, unquestionably it 'should be codified for all to see and understand' , constitutional information is valuable and highly fundamental and consequently should be codified. Additionally, this opens an accessible road for the public. An example consists of the US Constitution which has the entirety noted down in…show more content…
This is also exhibited in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa which ‘enshrines the rights of all people… affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom’ therefore conveying how useful and human-friendly a written Constitution actually

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