Compare And Contrast Schultz And Jim Jones

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Howard Schultz and Jim Jones are both the great leaders in many ways that are God given at birth. Although some of the traits that they both possess are learned and picked-up on throughout life experiences. Both of these gentlemen shaved some similar traits and leadership characteristics, but led different lifestyles in many ways. Schultz, an inspired entrepreneur, when it came to a passion of his that were coffee beans and the process of making coffee. Unlike Jones who had a knack and a great ability to get others to follow, believe and respect him in all his life endeavors. Shultz didn’t have the most ideal childhood growing in poverty in New York City where he went to shoot and attended Canarsie high school. He excelled in sports such…show more content…
Born in the rival area of Randolph County, Indiana. Jones during the early stages of his life he wanted to be a minister because he was very obsessed with religion. At a young age Jim ministered funerals of the neighborhood kid’s pets. It was also known that he had also killed a couple of pets himself. After obtaining a small following, Jones began to get better known. At this point Jones gained a bigger house of worship. Jones was able to manipulate peoples mind and get them to do things that he wanted them to do which shows great leadership. Jones had a following like he did not because he was make able to people believe in him. Jones was a leader because he possessed the powers of passion, respect, confidence, communication, care, compassion, support and empowering others around him. He created things the people believed in and he made people trust him in many ways. By doing things such as adopting a “Rainbow” family which is one child from each race or ethnicity. By doing this he gained way more than trust but even a loyal following of people that believed in his doing and his work. It is also believed that he healed a few people within his life

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