Tomorrow When The War Began Character Analysis

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The novel ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ by John Marsden, shows the development of characters through their personality and behaviour. It is about seven teenagers who venture into ‘Hell’ for a camping trip and when they return they are faced with war and all band together to fight against the enemy. Throughout the novel characters have to grow up quickly and all face different challenges. These characters all experience change in the way they think and act and how to survive on their own. Each one changes in order to protect one another and fight for their freedom. Homer’s behaviour changes dramatically throughout the novel. Before the war Homer is a joker who ‘didn’t care what anyone thought’ (pg15). He is rebellious and ‘always seemed to be in trouble’ (pg16). But his laid back, ‘rough as guts’ (pg266) attitude soon changes when the war breaks out. During the war Homer becomes very serious and enables himself to think like a solider, ‘Homer has the ability to put himself in the mind of the soldiers’ (Pg122). Homer’s behaviour adapts to help protect himself and others, as well as to think of new ways to defeat the enemy, ‘It was obvious…show more content…
At the start Fi comes across as a graceful, friendly character who is a role model and can be seen as ‘a bit of a hero’ (Pg14) to others. She is a high class person ‘who never got her hands dirty’ (Pg14). When Fi is faced with war she becomes very logical and more determined, ‘she had determination I hadn’t recognised before’ (Pg266). Fi grows up fast and becomes a stronger person during the war. Each character learns new skills in order to survive and ‘Fi had improved heaps’ (Pg256) in each new activity she encounters. Since the war started Fi continuously adapts to the new environment and gains more courage all the time, ‘I really admired her courage’ (Pg256). Unlike some characters Fi is having dramatic changes in the novel, which helps her to survive in the new

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