Project Management: Challenges In Construction Management

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desired concentration. • The mass of specimen was measured before keeping in MgSO4 solution. • Kept for 56 days, the visual change in specimen and the change in mass with original mass of water cured specimen were determined. CHALLENGES ON SITE There are numerous challenges facing today’s construction manager. Some are new to the industry, and some are centuries old. Many of these challenges are a direct result of construction operations, while others a result of indirect, peripheral activities. A surprising number of challenges are not construction issues but must be addressed and managed by the construction manager (CM) to ensure project success. Some of the construction issues include workforce considerations, safety, time…show more content…
The purpose of Project Management is to achieve goals and objectives through the planned expenditure of resources that meet the project’s quality, cost, time, scope, and safety requirements. The CM must control, deflect, or mitigate the effects of any occurrence or situation that could affect project…show more content…
Construction operations depend on the knowledge and skills of people planning and executing the work. The quality of this most important resource: people, is what distinguishes one team or company from another. Having talented management in place to guide and direct operations is crucial. Obviously, having an adequate number of skilled and unskilled workers to perform the work is a bare necessity. Finding and recruiting sufficient numbers of skilled, talented people is becoming increasing difficult. There are several factors contributing to this problem. Construction by nature is dangerous, dirty, hard work. Other industries or professions offer preferred work environments that are cleaner, safer, and generally more desirable. Hard working individuals are making a substantial contribution toward keeping the industry moving and producing. The language barrier also imposes additional safety risks. Construction managers need to provide solutions to enhance productivity and ensure safety among the workers. Benefits to the employee include feelings of appreciation, belonging, and heightened self-worth. Empowerment enables employees to make decisions for which they are accountable and responsible. Construction by nature is inherently dangerous, with a high degree of hazard and risk. The toll of construction accidents is high in terms of both costs and human suffering. Accidents add a

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