Samsung Vs Iphone Case Study

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Introduction With Samsung and the Apple iPhone being the leading Smartphone Brands that are being sold worldwide, there has been a lot of controversy with which phone is the best. Because the main reason for people buying Smartphones has a lot to do with their application systems, we decided to investigate both of the Smartphone Brands through their applications and how these have an impact on which Smartphone OWLA girls prefer and why. Samsung Inc. has sold over 81 million cellular smartphones and iPhone Inc. has sold over 51 million cellular Smartphones and this is no wonder they are voted to be the best Smartphones voted in the world. Focus question: - How does the use of iPhone and Samsung’s creativity and apps affect how OWLA students…show more content…
iPhone 6S This article reconnoitres the different qualities each of the compared phones. Through this we’re able to understand and justify the decisions people make on which phone they’d prefer buying, even though they similar. Comparing the two phones they are both relatively the same size but there’s a slight difference on the thickness of the metal protecting the inner components of the phones. When reading about Samsung, we’re informed that it offers a number of colours in which the phone can be bought in, while iPhone only offers a maximum of three colours. Both the phones have a similar shape due the edges curving. Furthermore about their similarities, there is no option of removing the back cover from the phones which creates a safe port for the battery and decreases possibilities of damaging the significant parts. Regardless of the similarities, Samsung offers more storage which then creates a high demand of the product because more the space, better the performance. Samsung offers 32 Gigabytes, 64 Gigabytes and 128 Gigabytes without any support from the SD memory card whilst iPhone only offers 16, 64 and 128 Gigabytes. The respected phones each have a different software which creates the argument of which phone is better. Samsung uses Android where iPhone uses iOS. The two software’s have similar concepts yet iOS has the latest and improved apps, but are massively expensive while Android is cheaper yet of a good and impressive

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