Importance Of Productivity In Construction Industry

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CHAPTER1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 EQUIPMENT PRODUCTIVITY IN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY The study of productivity though started very early in the field of construction, it has still been one of the chronic problems confronting the organizations having their business in this mammoth industry. Today’s rapid economic development and stiff market competition has made experts take a close note of the revenue generation and profit before executing any project of national and international importance. And lack of productivity has often put their estimated values of schedule in vain thereby greatly affecting the revenues and profit. With the increased focus on infrastructure growth and develop national economy, projects have been becoming more complex in design…show more content…
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The utilization of a particular site were tracked continuously to identify the utilization values and the equipment with lower and higher utilization were interchanged to identify issues are site specific or equipment specific. Site results and the factors identified were formulated into a questionnaire development. The questionnaire developed would be sent to construction experts of various sites working at different levels to identify their views which would further be evaluated using suitable statistical techniques. With methods like ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) the productivity enhancement factors would be suggested. Besides suggesting for qualitative improvement a model for optimizing equipment utilization for concreting operations would be developed to check its feasibility in real time environment on basis of queuing optimization. A schematic representation of the research methodology is shown in Figure 1. 1.4 ORGANIZATION OF THESIS The first chapter briefly explains the importance of equipment productivity, equipment utilization and why there is a need to optimize utilization. It also specifies the objectives and methodology to be followed for this research. This section briefs the research methodology followed in this

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