Characteristics Of Mega Construction Project

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Abstract Briefing is the preliminary and most critical phase in construction projects which contributes to the success or failure of the project. One of the common characteristics of mega construction projects is that they include multiple stakeholders: Organizations, Clients, Governments sometimes, Consultants and the Recipients. Therefore, variable conflicts might occur between these stakeholders as a result of variations in interests, requirements, perspectives, expectations or methods of communication. Many studies have addressed this partials with the aim to improve and develop the briefing process, where lots of conceptual frameworks were initiated to manage and control multiple stakeholders but it still a major problem in the briefing…show more content…
Defining project scope using input from all stakeholders is a vital task that needs to be adequately carried out at the early stage. The purpose of project definition is to provide adequate information that is needed to identify the work to be performed in order to avoid major changes that may negatively affect project performance. ]2[ Focusing on stakeholders in the management of megaprojects is an important issue. The early involvement of stakeholders, both internal and external, is of high importance. The big challenge for the project management team is to identify those stakeholders who can affect the project, and then manage their differing demands through good communication in the early stages of a project. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate impact of multiple stakeholders' conflicts in mega construction projects through a literature review and case studies to identify and manage them in the briefing process and to develop a procedure that can help the project management team integrate stakeholders’ perspectives into the project scope definition process at the pre-project planning stage, thereby facilitating better project…show more content…
Petroleum and mining projects also defined as a mega projects and all other heavy industrial and construction projects. Mega projects attract the public attention because of its substantial impacts on society, environment and their big costs and budgets.]3[ Bent Flyvbjerg a professor at university of Oxford says that "globally mega projects make up 8% of total GDP _Gross Domestic Product_. ]4[ These types of projects have a complexity by their multi organizations with multiple stakeholders' terms and conditions, processes, budgets, locations and durations. There is a coherence between the way of communication and the stakeholders' aims and the project success. ]5[ there are various aspects that affect the project flow

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