Essay On Earthquake Building

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No building structure on this planet is earthquake proof, only its resistance to earthquakes can increase. Numerous studies have been conducted on earthquake resistant constructions to minimize damage when an earthquake occurs. But what is an earthquake? According to United States Geological Survey (n.d.), Earthquake happens when two blocks of earth suddenly collide from one another resulting to ground shaking and radiated seismic energy and it is caused by volcanic activity and earth’s sudden stress changes. Earthquake occurred recently have raised various issues about disaster management. It has become essential to think right from planning stage to completion stage of a structure to avoid failure or to minimize the loss of property. That…show more content…
According to (Mousavi, Bagchi, & Kodur, 2008) the occurrence of fire after an earthquake can produce horrible effect although shaking is the major concern, fire can also become a major risk to the urban infrastructure. When the fire grows intense and out of control it can spread out of the neighborhoods. How can we say that it is effective? According to (Kaushik, Rai, & Jain, 2009), the building durability and strength is measured using pushover analyses of frames in order to see the performance and strength of the building. The strength of the building depends upon its materials used, engineering techniques, and the design. There is a study that proves that the materials, techniques and the design plays a big role on the durability of a building. Research by Liel, Haselton, & Deierlein, (2011) supports that the strength of the building varies on height, structural model, and the design must be according to Uniform Building Code to reduce the collapse risk of the infrastructure. If there are materials that is use to build an earthquake resistant building, there are also designs that is applicable to have a stable building during
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